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The year is 2200. The Imperial Fleet has suffered heavy losses defending against Xi attacks. Mankind's resources are reaching their limit. You have been promoted to Admiral of the remains of the 13th Fleet. Your mission is to defend the Hydra Star Cluster against Xeno incursion. They will attack us from all directions.

Exo Fleet is a space/action/strategy game. You must manage the defense of your star systems against a multitude of alien enemies. Build and upgrade a fleet with a variety of ship types and special weapons. Construct defensive weapons and fleets to protect your colonies. Use your mobility and firepower to crush the enemies of Mankind.

Update 1.3 Changes (May 22nd, 2019):

  • Fighters in formation will now attack close by enemy ships and fighters.
  • Hotkey buttons are now numbered.
  • Enemy fleets will now attack colonies directly when the player is in the same system. 
  •  If a colony takes enough direct damage it's infrastructure will be damaged and some citizens will be killed.
  • Tax generated from citizens is now higher, citizen deaths due to enemy raids is higher as well.
  • Can build artillery and missile batteries to defend colonies.
  • Fleets now have names on system map. Fleet icon on system map now scales with fleet size.
  • Camera now smoothly zooms in and out, can be controled with mouse scrollwheel.
  • Interstellar warp jumps can now be performed anywhere in a system.
  • Switching map mode also switches warp mode from interstellar to in system mode as well.
  • Enemy ships now warp away when a fleet is routed, resolving battles more quickly.
  • Selling ships now refunds the full amount of manpower and requisition, minus the repair cost.
  • UI icons now show the shape of the formation briefly when reorganizing fleet.
  • Overhaul of controls favouring use of mouse in all situations, right click to change direction of flagship.

NOTE: Saves from previous versions will not work.

Install instructions

Download, unzip, and play!

Requires Java 7 (JRE 1.7).


Exo Fleet 1.3-Windows.zip 42 MB
Exo Fleet 1.3 JAR.zip 42 MB

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I just don't know what to start with.

You had to put a lot of work in this game. It looks great! I played it but it just isn't my type of game. 

Controls were really hard to me. Maybe because it doesn't have perfect tutorial. It just throws player in doing everything from the beginning. I spent a few minutes thinking how to travel to first objective and almost closed the game. Travelling between star systems and planets was really confusing.

Fighting system is too dull (but again, maybe it's because it isn't my type of game). Watching my big fleet shooting straight ahead instead of aiming at one last enemy wasn't the greatest time of the game.

Also, genre is a niche but watching you updating this game and doing so much work... Wow. I'm impressed! Keep it going ;)

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

It is great to get specific details on what needs to be improved.

Now I know what to focus on in future updates. I appreciate you taking the time to try it out!

(1 edit)

I like this game :) killed a lot of time on it :) I am getting an CTD error in Aanon that is repeatable and also randomly hits everywhere else as well.

  " Uncaught exception thrown in Thread [LWJGL Renderer Thread,5,main] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1 " 

Im guessing its a bug , I have gone over my PC and I pretty sure it meets all requirments, if it would help I can provide whatever info is needed ..   it hits every time in aanon after I warp in within 30 seconds, I have tried everything I could think of to find what in aanon is triggering it , with no luck.

I was able to do do Aanon and a few other quests after that in ver 1.0  .   this error started for me with ver 1.1 and no change in 1.2 .

Yes that sort of error is definitely a bug and not a problem with your PC.

That info should be enough for me to replicate the situation, I should be able to fix it in the next update.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! 

You helped me squish one more bug :)