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The year is 2200. The Imperial Fleet has suffered heavy losses defending against Xi attacks. Mankind's resources are reaching their limit.

You have been promoted to Admiral of the remains of the 13th Fleet. Your mission is to defend the Hydra Star Cluster against Xeno incursion. They will strike at us from all directions.

Exo Fleet is a space/action/strategy game. You must manage the defense of your star systems against a multitude of enemies. Build and upgrade a fleet with a variety of ship types and special weapons. Use your mobility and firepower to crush the enemies of the Empire.

Update 1.2 Changes (March 10th, 2019):

  • Stellar objects now cast shadows.
  • Infomation of selected ships and stellar objects now integrated into map at bottem center of screen.
  • New Imperial NPC ship types.
  • Asteroid belts are now randomly populated each time a system is entered.
  • Added Zeotron gas special ability. Ships caught in Zeotron gas take damage over time.
  • Sobex and Pentamorph fleets will attack using Zeotron gas shells.
  • Added Concussion Artillery special: large artillery ships will all fire a concussion shell which knocks back enemy ships.
  • Voidwraith fleets will attack using concussion artillery shells.
  • AI fleets will now sometimes split up while in combat.
  • Improvements to fleet and ship AI.
  • Added a title screen on startup of the game.
  • Added screen shaking effects.
  • Other stuff I forgot that I changed.

Install instructions

Download, unzip, and play!

Requires Java 7 (JRE 1.7).


Exo Fleet 1.2 Windows.zip 43 MB
Exo Fleet 1.2 JAR.zip 43 MB

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